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  • yo Haradion, I already approved your evolution at the bottom of this post, in case you did not see. :)
    Hey, in our battle, I just realized late that your Rebble has Levitate, and I want to reorder. However I can only do so if I have your permission. You can reorder too to counter me if you want to.
    Protip: "No Team Preview" is best done when you have a lot of options (i.e. a lot of viable mons in your profile), an Illusion mon (eg. Zoroark mind games), and/or no easy access to your profile (some people deliberately hide their sigs).
    Food for thought :)
    Sigh... First of all, you had not specified that. Secondly, him sending out first means he orders first. Now if you want to, I can edit my OP, but chances are, you two probably have stalked each other's profile (and both of you only had 3 mons, by the way).
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