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  • Yeah, be careful what you say, and read your post carefully. I didn't even bash Excadrill. If saying it doesn't have the defensive stats that he was looking for leads you to believe it's bad, then your crazy. But he just said that to spite me I think? I tried to make up with him once, but got no response. I'm done making an effort with him. Also try to read the Smog, it's a great newspaper, and can give you ideas of how to contribute to the site.
    Agonist is better than that, but it's like if he doesn't like you, he'll try to make you look bad. So better, but not by much. =/
    I don't know how frequently he does it, but he probably has scouts that are members of BABA. No I just said that because he seems to like to burst my bubble a lot, even if he has to twist my words around. I'm nor sure what I did, or if he usually acts that way. But he's the one acting like a 1st grader putting my posts on IRC. Just be cautious about users on Smogon. Some of them act... weird.
    Yeah, but in a positive way. Try to stay away from TheAgonist if you make a mistake in front of him, he almost like stalks you and waits for a chance to jump on you. Whatever if he has nothing better to do...

    Try being modest, and asking questions. Bald Accountant can see the newest member on the main forum page.
    They do not. BA is very dilligant. Smogon social groups are such small game, that it's ridiculous. They'd never have a spam bot for such a thing. Bald Accountant just wants you because your new, then he'll forget about you in two weeks tops. I want you to be successful, so I'm encouraging you to be active in the forums, more than ABAB, or equal.
    Most likely. It would be acceptable if his group actually accomplished something, but they just mess around, and it ruins your Smogon experience.
    I think baba also may have some type of spam bot. The moment some one joins they send out invites and spam notifications. They are very werid people, baba is dubbed the cesspool of smogon.
    O_O. If you are not lying, then that is as shallow as it gets. BABA prays on new users, they want members, like a parasite. It's a joke, it's not competitive, and just wow. Pathetic. I recommend adding Bald Accountant to your ignore list, or the messages will keep coming. Another word of advice, don't accept random friend requests. If it wasn't for your RMT, you would've ended up in BABA. =/
    LOL, I made a mistake. Be active in ABAB.

    ABAB is TRC's battling branch. BABA had the advantage because they actually did something. (While not very well, still something.) So I created ABAB as TRC's battling branch. 30 members still have not accpeted, nor declined the offer. So we are the higher end alternative because we actually compete, and want are members to excel at a higher level they than were before. BABA is not competitive, and really lax. I'm going to try to save newer smogon members from falling into social groups, and be isolated from the rest of the community. In ABAB we push posting in the main forums, so that's why I want you to post in the VGC forums so you can get acquainted.

    DO NOT post an introduction thread in the VGC forums about yourself, because those get locked. Simply introduce yourself in the link I gave you. But be sure to ask a question or the post will get deleted, if it's in that thread anyway. ;)
    Oh another thing to. BABA isolates newer users like you in their group. Basically offering slim to no chance of you ever making it in the actual forums in Smogon. So I suggest being active in BABA, and in the VGC forums. If you have any simple questions, ask me or ask this thread.
    Welcome to Team Rocket Corporation, hathater! I am BattleStar the leader of it and good friends with everyone from ABAB. Glad you can join our groups before you got preyed upon by baba. Anyways thanks for joining and make sure to be active.

    Also hope you didn't get offended by some of the other members. Just stick around and post a lot. You will be respected in no time!
    It's cool, the thread has been around forever and can't be taken lightly. It is actually a rendition of a different thread in a different group and the original may reach 1,000,000 posts for the first time in history. So just be careful next time, welcome to ABAB :D
    No, I just didn't like how you were misusing one of the most respected threads in the group, if you stop then you'd be fine.
    yeah, np, just please remember to ban. Yeah you will get banned from ABAB if you join BABA. They are our archrivals and hated enemy's. ABAB is competitive for people to get better. BABA is not competitive, un-organized, and is all over the place, with most of their members being noobs to the game, despite being on Smogon for a while. BABA prays on new members like you, joining their group will lead you into bad habbits, and evantually a departure from smogon because you'll think it's boring. When there's tons to do.
    I meant your lack of Protect, which is usually a strategy found in singles. Protect is a move that is essential for doubles because of strategy, but in singles it's used mostly cause of stalling.
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