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    Im gonna go take a quick shower, hope to catch you when i get back.
    Hey I'm on, my White FC is 3739 8928 4447, lemme know when your in the wifi room.
    Alright got him all transferred over, so I should be on between noon and 5 tomorrow. Just shoot me a PM when you're available
    I'm usually on in the afternoon between 1-5 pm PST, I'll see if I can get him shifted by friday
    Yes I only work Thursday this week, so I should be on the majority of the time when I'm not sleeping
    Its probably due to it needing to be changed WEP from WPA or vice versa(I don't remember which one 4th gen wifi doesn't support).
    sorry I overslept while napping, I should be available till 4:45ish, or we can try Saturday? Also do you want me to tutor Fire Punch, as Charmander doesn't learn FlareBlitz till 66 as a Charizard(I didn't breed it on, if you breed on let me know and I'll do another breed.

    Right now its like this:

    Charmander lvl 1
    Scratch(I can tutor it Fire Punch or level it up to 66 and rebreed with all 3 Egg moves.)
    Ok how about between 1:00-1:45 PST tomorrow(Thursday), to conduct all the trades? If not I can do Friday later in the day.
    I have the dusknoir. It's flawless male impish and it knows shadow sneak, disable, pain split and brick break
    Some stuff for work came up so I will have to trade you the charmander either weds or thurs(busy as hell tomorrow as well). Just let me know what time works for you either of those days(I work till 11:30am PST but am usually home about 12:00-12:30).
    Nope we'll just do three trades(4th gen charmander for fodder, 5th gen deoxys for fodder, and 5th gen returned clone of deoxys for fodder). I get off work in 4 hours + an hour commute, so with some luck I could have the charmander by 2pm PST today if you'll still be on
    I can breed the charmander for you but I'm unable to shift it to 5th gen. If you can shift I'd be happy breed you one, I can also clone deoxys as well(in either gen).
    Argh, I'm sorry but I'm not interested in catching a Porygon, and I already have a Solosis. Here are the details, just in case you're interested: Shiny, male, Relaxed, 31/29/31/31/31/7 Magic Guard (And, yes, I can nickname him). I'm not sure if you're interested, though, since it's not the right nature, you probably want that speed IV to be 31, and it's shiny. But if you are I'd be glad to give it to you. I'm sorry, but that's all I can do :(
    Are the two projects the other 2 from the list you showed me that I didn't pick? I didn't pick those for a reason: I wasn't interested in catching/breeding them :( If they're different I might reconsider. If not, try asking in the SQSR, and hopefully someone will be able to help you. Sorry :s
    You're welcome :D

    And, sorry I couldn't use emoticons while on wifi; my touch screen doesn't work anymore.
    Oh, sorry! I was afk for a while .-.

    I can trade now. I'll NN it and get online :)
    No problem, and thanks for the Azelf and Victini. I think I'll hold off on using the Victini because I really want to get a Timid movie Victini to try out first. Fusion Bolt on a special sweeper spread would be epic. :) I got Azelf all set and good to go now. I even force nicknamed it so it's Azelf and not "Geige" or whatever. :p

    I actually decided to train that Misdreavous as well, and I gotta say, a level 100 EV trained shiny Mismagius looks intense. :D
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