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  • 1) Save
    2)Open Ds parameters on the RNG reporter.
    3)Enter the date and time, Enter seconds as 30.
    4)Enter you MAC address.
    5)Select the game your using and region.
    6)Press 'a' on the title screen when the time on the ds's clock hits 30 seconds on a particular minute.
    7)Make sure you do not hold down any buttons until you reach the game freak logo.
    8)Enter the game and make sure you do not on the C-Gear.
    9)Encounter a pokemon check its iv range and enter it in the RNG reporter.
    10)Click search.

    Feel free to ask me any questions.
    Nope Reshiram is the best place to start since its very easy to catch.
    First go to the last cave of Victory road with 1 free space in your party and then VM me.
    Since your new to RNG you should probably first try to RNG a stationary pokemon.
    Have you caught all the legends yet?
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