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  • 4. Predict the obvious things. If you have your Jolteon out, and they have a ground type for example, they will obviously switch it in to take no damage from the electric attack. Predict that and go with hidden power ice to hit the switch in for a lot of damage. You have to think about what the opponent will do in response to your attacks. If you have a physical attacker out (Arbok), they will switch to their physical wall. Predict that and go into your special attacker to be able to beat it.
    3. Save your sweepers for later in the game, when their counters have been weakened. If you just hit outrage early on, the opponent can easily switch in a steel type and wall/beat you. Wait for your opponents counters to be weakened. Skarmory does a good job of walling dragonite, so use your pokes like Jolteon to weaken or beat it, before sending out dragonite to sweep
    2. Dont let your pokemon die so easily. You had a skarmory at almost full health, and I had my starmie out. I will obviously go with a special attack, so be safe and switch into a special wall (Chansey). This saves your skarmory for later in the battle when you need it.
    Hey. You didnt join the chat for the battle! Anyway I have a few tips for you after seeing our battle. 1. Dont lead with a sweeper. Dragonite cant sweep from the first turn. Lead with either a hazard setter (Skarmory), or a fast pokemon with u-turn or volt switch (Jolteon). If you lead with a hazard setter, you can get them up nice and early. If you lead with a volt switcher, use volt switch to get an advantage on them. If they stay in, you volt switch to appropriate counter, if they switch out, again switch into the appropriate counter
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