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  1. Apprentice Program: Round Fifty Five

    Username: Howard Age: 21 Shoddy Username: Alargerolloftape Your timezone and usual hours of availability: GMT + 4 1/2, 2000-0500 What tier do you want to learn?: BW OU. Tell us a little about yourself: Solider in Afghanistan, no lifing it up. Been playing since I was kid, competitively for a...
  2. Round 54 Tutee Tournament - Finals [Won by MikeDecIsHere]

    Mostwanted got that Swag. GL to you D_C as well.
  3. Shroud of Destruction (BW OU)

    Why don't you use Quagsire? Of course, you'd have to readjust your team and you wouldn't get the lol effects of having Joey on your team, but still. Same principle.
  4. Rain Rain Rain

    I agree with the addition of Drain Punch over Focus Punch and as someone who only uses Rain teams in competitive battling (for almost 4 years now), I gotta say you did a pretty good job. Specs Politoed is better than scarf, as Moo said. And I would definitely be very cautious about using Skarm...