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  • You can use the pokerus but I don't think you're allowed to use the wild pokemon modifier cheat code.
    (facepalm) I asked you question.

    Have you Ev trained any pokemon for other players on smogon before?
    Hi there, have you EV'd for anyone else before? =) So you've got some.. references and all? I'd like Pokémon EV trained the normal, good old fashioned way.. ;) Trained! With power items ofc.. I've not got any at the moment (apart from a Little Cup one..) but I will soon enough.. ;)
    I dont need anymore EV trainers as of now. I've got alot of people PM/VM'ing me about it but thank you anyway.
    Could I still get the Mismagius from the halloween giveaway please? I forgot to get it earlier, sorry...
    EDIT: nevermind, Pikatheory was supposed to be my distributor actually, sorry to bother.>_>
    I've been checking regularly to see if I catch you online but our timezones dont seem to overlap the best in the world. I live in GMT so I was wondering what timezone you live in and if it would be possible to arrange a convenient time for us both so that I could pick up the Dratini and Mew from Alphabets giveaway?
    Sorry I haven got back with you lately, ive been super busy.
    I should be on the rest of the night :)
    Hiya! I was wondering if I could pick up the Mew and Dratini from Alphabet's giveaway off you sometime? (I did win both, you can check his post if you don't believe me). Whenever you're free, just VM or PM me (even if I'm offline)!
    Hey do you think I could pick up the Mew/Dratini from Alphabet's giveaway?
    srry i just want to get to bed and go to sleep but then i saw you were about to come
    ok, it checks out, ill hop back on with duskull, youll have to clone it though :P
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