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  • So take it as a no?
    Because i am not in any mood to start any shit with anyone, so i want this feud over and done with so i can focus on getting out of the dumps
    Dark Sabre (and I stress Sabre), you have no power to demote me. BS does, but I doubt he will seeing as it's pretty easy not to destroy the place or mess up the cafe.
    If u haven't heard bs and I will be inactive most of this week. I will be keeping an eye on you if I get wifi. If not and I find one bad thing, DEMOTION!
    You will be mostly incharge this whole week at TRC. Do what ever you want. But be good cooperate with proto man. Also tell Zipo he is still in charge of the cafe
    I've been in there for ages, only time i wasnt was when i rage quit it at one stage, but other then that....And i can see that(not only him BTW)
    How about, since Magma has a clean slate, we have a clean slate too, i have already put the GFR line in discommisson and just leaving their plans......somewhere safe to gather dust or something. So how about it?
    Because BS deleted this three times AND kicked me, I am VMing it to everyone in the STR
    ^third time lucky. If you delete this again BS, you are proving:

    1. you're not staying out of this
    2. You are not fit to lead any group, including the TRC
    -.-' told ya

    he'd never accept it, even if the vote was unanimous.

    I say KS makes a "2.0" version of the group and we all move there, abandoning this group.
    After all, BS is deleting everyone's posts after his, so hes not allowing freedom of speech, proving he shouldn't be leader...
    HS look what I found

    "Chimera Mutagen
    While I don't have any specimens with me, I do have the formula for the mutagen...

    The chimera mutagen, Galactic Plasma's greatest weapon, allowed humans to combine their DNA with that of up to 3 Pokémon, and become a hybrid. However, the change is permanent, and cannot be reversed. In the Orre Region, after GP's fall, a tyrant group called "Black Alpha" used chimera mutagens of Crappy Pokémon combinations, like Slakoth/Slowpoke/Jynx as a weapon, while using things like Garchomp/Porygon-Z/Mienshao for themselves."

    Can you go to TRC Science and help the scientists?
    Spy? what? who told you that? I'm not a spy! What gain is there for me being a spy? I'm not lying, I'm not a spy. Who would I even be working for?!
    yo hunt. bs orders. he wants me to inform you he'll be choosing one of us executive to be head executive. he also told me to tell you to do your best.

    best of wishes and good luck. ^_^
    VM really isn't an appropriate place to discuss that. And what's done is done, sorry.
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