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  • Do you realise that when Smogon sees you are a threat, they will try to shut you down? Team Black chaos will stop that. Give VMs to Steelicks and chaos if you want to learn more.

    Actually, that might be dangerous
    Team Black chaos has many influential members, as does the Team Rocket Corporation.
    Molk absolutely hates me, and there is no way to get off the Taonu Metang list. Remember that Taonu was my idea and they hijacked it.
    I would also suggest extending an invite to the staff of TAONU to join(it is unlikely they will, but at least you can say you tried(it will give you leverage(against them) when you run against of them for office)). Now is the time to settle differences for the good of Smogon. I think Molk would be an excellent addition to your crew, as he has his way with Smogonites. Look at TAONU! One of the most influential social groups at Smogon! The staff of TAONU must be convinced to cease labeling you as a "Metang"(It's a pretty strong insult that will likely make you unpopular)
    To start your political agenda, I would recommend getting off of the Alliance of Normal User's Metangs list, as to show that you are a reprsentative of the normal users!
    you called me a fuck so we're even. plus that was like almost a year ago why do you still care?
    >writing on own wall
    >implying there's no other way of replying
    >not going on the other user's wall
    >not replying there

    2 GUD
    deer god, who art in deer heaven, please guide us as the normalest of users through all trials we may face. nudge us to the path of righteousness with your glowing antlers of truth, and trample all evil in our path with your powerful hooves of justice. amen.
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