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  • I would like to play on the 11th or 12th if thats ok with you?
    That would work , i have college early in the morning on those days.
    ok, what timezone are you and what times will you be available?
    i am in the central time zone (UTC -6:00) and i will be availble from 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
    Hi. We're paired for the uu open, when can you battle?
    I'm on as Icecreams. I should be available later today if not tomorrow.
    I have not seen your profile on Showdown. Do you go on PO. Or have you been busy?
    I'm ready now. I'm in showdown as +Icecreams, challenge me,
    Hey we need to have our Official Smogon Tournament Battles when are you open?
    awesome! :p this set will never fail you ;) This Archeops is the KING lol
    those common Flying gem acrobats get too old lol , so i wanted to try something new !

    *Sky attack does insane damage more acrobats + flying gem combined :p

    plus after the use of sky attack , acrobatics sill be purely boosted :D

    i have been making this archeops set that ive been dreaming of :p
    please try it :)

    Archeops (jolly) evs 252 atk 252 speed 4spdef *power herb*

    -Sky Attack
    -Head Smash/Stone Edge

    Sky attack activates the power herb , and yes it can learn sky attack, does an INSANE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE more than Flying gem acrobats !!! Acrobatics is when sky attack is used , does a high Amount of damage. Head Smash does INSANE , but recoil takes it away. Or stone edge for the weak and the safer side . Now the last one here is the Earthquake , finally comepleting the edgequake combination , making its typing perfect for coverage. :p

    (DONT GO UTURN WITH THIS DUDE , Entry hazards completely activates his CRAP ABILITY)

    results may vary! does very well in OU & UU & RU :p
    Awesome! thks for trying it ! i really appreciated lol :p , and i understand how u feel lol :p

    i will bring u one of my best custom sets btw ^_^ until next time :D

    nature (bold evs 252 def 252 hp 4 spdef) *defensive*

    nature (bold evs 200 def 252 hp 54 spatk 4 spdef) *offensive investments*
    haha alright man ^_^ & thks for trying it out :p really appreciate it xD

    giving it a calm nature allows it to survive a jolts tbolt xD which was worth it lol

    and yea , special sweepers prey on blastoise ^_^ soo yea

    protect is to heal off fast 25% hp per turn xD and with aqua ring to triple the heal ^_^

    and yea , this set is made by me overall xD
    and suure , ill show u some of my custom sets :p mext time we battle ^_^
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