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    Smogon Premier League VI - Player Sign-Ups

    Player Name: Huy Tiers Played: RBY Timezone : GMT - 7
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    VGC Tournament at Southern California State Championships (March 22)

    Mega Video Game Tournament We were hoping to have Pokémon Video Game state championships, but since that didn’t happen in 2014, we’re doing as big an XY “VGC rules” tournament as we can. Mega Video Game Tournament – limit 100 players $10 all divisions – payment options 09:30 AM Check-in &...
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    That they imported a Subway Flareon moveset.
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    Smogon Fantasy Football: 2013-2014 Season

    Hello A League.
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    Tournament OM Premiere League (Player Signups)

    can i still sign up? for doubles?
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    Smogon Premier League IV - Semifinals (See Post #207)

    are you kidding me? i have to play another week? you guys suck.
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    Smogon Premier League IV - Semifinals (See Post #207)

    Does anyone actually care anymore? Stop posting lol
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    Smogon Premier League IV - Semifinals (See Post #207)

    you are all people of african descent
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    Smogon Premier League IV - Week 8

    beat synre 2-0 in a battle. on wednesdays, we wear pink. and everyone knows youre just a less hot version of me. sorry bud