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  • No problem, there's another pair that's also holding us up.

    At least you guys have both been on fairly recently. rlyn99 hasn't been on since the 18th...
    I need you to get in contact with Team Magma Boss Maxie so we can move on with the SSPL. You guys have until September 1st to get it done, so hurry!

    I messaged him too, but since he doesn't have VMs I just PMed him.
    Yikes, I never thought of that.
    Change "When Max gets hit with a Physical attack, he must use Poison Sting until he is poisoned" to "When Max gets hit with a Physical attack, he must use Poison Sting until he is poisoned unless the foe is immune to Poison, due to typing, ability, or other status condition"
    Hey, Hwang, just letting you know that I haven't really been able to watch the vids of your scramble. I now have the time and am watching now. Looks pretty good.

    *Note: This is a reply on your post.
    I hope that you like Rattata.

    Its going to be an easy start, but then the difficulty increases dramatically towards the end.
    Hey. A while ago King Serperior told me he would not be able to finish our battle, but I forgot to post to find a sub ref. I'm gonna post to find a sub ref now, as long as you are still up for it. Sorry about the delay.
    It doesn't matter how many times that you esit your actions, so long as you are making the first move and your opponent is offline.

    Don't worry, He'll try to figure something out. :)
    You have to only keep the moves and solo Skylas with them hopefully this isn't as easy as my last challenge that I gave you
    Alright, no problem. :) Also, he can't even battle N in Nacrene, due to him not being caught until you're in the Desert Resort. It has to be in the Resort, since that's near the Relic Castle, and that's a huge factor for Mr.Mojo. And for taking out three of N's Pokémon, I'd say Zoroark, Klinklang, and Carracosta at the Castle. All three will get destroyed by Fighting STAB, and Scrafty's a bulky MF, so he'll be fine~ Just watch out for Focus Miss from the damn Zoroark, in its' Illusion. D: He'll get to beat the Krookodile in the second run of the E4 though, right? He'll be more controlled due to him taking out his demons.
    Mr.Mojo could attempt to kill the Krookodile, and one of his teammates subdues it or knocks him out to keep Grimsley's Krookodile from actually dying. You could simulate it by having your Scrafty switch into the Krookodile, then immediately switching out and hoping that Krookodile doesn't faint your Scolipede. Also, the only time Mr.Mojo has to SOLO N is in Nimbasa City, since he has a Sandile and a Scraggy. I made it an evolution req, so it's nice and simple for ya. :) If you can, you can have Scrafty beat at least one of N's Pokémon each time, since Fighting/Dark STABS are amazing against him.
    I've got an idea for ya. Alright, now, how about we have Mr.Mojo the Scrafty attempt to KILL Grimsley's Krookodile, and Ninja the Scolipede ends up knocking his teammate out to spare the Krookodile? Then the second time around, Mr.Mojo is more controlled due to him defeating his personal demons (Fear of the Relic Castle, and the Krookodile that nearly killed him in said Castle). Basically, switch Scrafty in when Krookodile comes out, then immediately switch back to Scolipede. (Also, I'm just trying to give story information and whatnot, not take control of your Scramble or anything. :S If it seems like it, I do apologize.)
    Mine is 1721-3276-6793, in-game name is Enn. I'll be back on Smogon in a few hours, alright? :o then we can discuss what Pokèmon you're trading over.
    Hey, just wanted to let you know that I posted a Scramblemon for you, just 'cause you weren't online when I posted it. Yes, I know it's quite tl;dr, but I hope that it'll be worth your time.... heh heh heh. You'll see when you read it.

    If you find any problems, such as parts that interfere, or things that you can't do, then send me a message and I'll see what I can do to change it.

    ...GOOD LUCK...
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