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  • sup brah. i'll be your tutor for this month. if you have AIM/Skype/IRC/FB we should be fine. looking forward to this round. =)
    I have facebook, and its great how i got picked and with you being a badged team rater i feel you could really improve my game whats you FB name
    1. right click - copy image url*
    2. press the image thingy
    3. past image url
    4. there you go

    this works on every browser bar internet explorer, if you are using internet explorer, download another browser or get your images off bulbapedia (click the image twice to get the image page and copy the url from the top)

    you can also add images from smogon if you know the code [*pimg]1[/pimg] (no *) makes:

    Lol, I guess that's the result of posting teams for years and years.
    Anyway, I guess you put a link to your RMT in your signature (via User CP), or put the link on Showdown or IRC (but don't spam it though). Of course it takes a while for people to notice your team, so I'm sure you'll get some rates after some time. Visual appealing or high ranked teams are also very popular.

    Welcome to Smogon !
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