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  • Marti! <3 Are you planning to go to another european qualifier like germany? i might be able to host you or find atleast a very cheap home for one night haha. Osirius also might come ..would be a great pleasure to see you all again. :) and second question do you have facebook? i should add you :P
    OOOOOH :D Colette is a cool person, she went to the premiere AND I sent her a friend request.
    Oh and before I forget thanks for the heads up on the taxi, there would be six of us if you're rooming with your boyfriend I'm guessing so will need a big taxi ;)
    If you're interviewing people make sure you interview last year's champion Rees, the last year's champion of Juniors Christopher fotheringham I think.. and then interview this year's champs. :)

    Oh and don't forget everyone's favourite pokemon guy in the UK! Me! xD j/k
    Hey marti! Me, Havak and tblakey89 have booked into the Holiday Inn Express at the Birmingham NEC! It was £45 for a twin bed with breakfast so an opportunity not going to be missed I think! ;)

    Not sure when Havak will be in Birmingham NEC but me and blakey expect to be at the NEC Station by 1pm and will probably want to walk with you to the holiday inn when we can go in, we want to see also if it's possible to walk it since it clearly states a 15 minute walk on the description.

    Have you stayed the night there before? I swore you said you did last year somewhere.. anyway, reply soon!
    I thought so! I was at that same premiere too! Can I ask, how did you get an invitation? :)
    Marti, your pic with Junichi Masuda, was that at the UK Pokémon Premiere in Leicester Square?
    Alright thats cool, well I'm just going over details with PW Members now so will see. Im most likely going to be around at 1.30PM, will trade mobile numbers closer to the date just in case anything screws up.
    Erm.. why not go premier inn as thats £29.00 a night and thats for either single, twin or double rooms. I think a lot of us are going there anyway due to the price but yeah I'm most likely to be at the NEC by 1.30PM on the friday because of my cheap train ticket, a lot of us are going to meet up and check out the venue before heading to our hotels around 7PM.
    Yo dude what hotel are you staying in? I'm still working out what hotel to go for and need a hand, plus would be cool to get a lot of the vgcers all in one hotel don't you think? :)
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