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  • My bad, I forgot to give you your weathers. You have a choice between Drought and Sand Stream. Remember you have to choose which team you want to use with each bracket.
    iFenix vs. Don Honchkrorleone

    You have until May 17 to complete your battle. Good luck!
    Well then, I happily welcome you to the Smogon Creators Organization. I hope that you'll provide meaningful contributions to the group. ; )

    Also, if you'd like to introduce yourself to the rest of the group, you can do so in the Introduction discussion. You can also ask any questions you have about the group there.
    Well, our group is something called the Smogon Creators Organization. We're a group dedicated to the art of competitive battling and team building, specifically for the OU metagame. We're a bit small at the moment, but we have a good few discussions on things like underrated threats and how to handle weather, as well as group projects like Create-A-Team. We also have our own tournaments, and places for people to request battles, get team help, chat, etc.

    So, does this sound interesting to you? And something important I need to ask: if we let you in, will you be an active contributor? Right now we want people who will contribute to the group on a regular basis, to help the group grow as a whole. Can you manage that?
    Ah. You know, it just occurred to me that we haven't told you much about our group in the first place. Would you like me to give you the details?
    Well, guess we'll have to use your current one then. That's alright, though.

    So, before I automatically invite you into the group, can you tell me a little about yourself and your experiences on Smogon?
    So, what was that about another account you had? If this isn't your main account, I'd like to use whatever other account you use more.

    By the way, try responding on my profile page, not your own.
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