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  1. Happy 4/20

    1. Vaporize that shit 2. Get STONED 3. ????????????????
  2. Happy 4/20

  3. Happy 4/20

  4. Happy 4/20

    Dragon Bong is sick.
  5. Happy 4/20

    Haters can shut the fuck up and get out of this thread.
  6. Happy 4/20

    It's 8:43 AM, and I just finished my first bowl for the day. Gonna get some breakfast, shower, and head out. Anyone else celebrating?
  7. I need to kill Bieber

    Classic fade is where it's at. And if they ask you for a number, tell them you just want a fucking man's haircut. Man that pisses me off. Here I am, all I want is my hair to be cut shorter and even, and they're all asking me about what number fade I want.
  8. The MMA/Boxing/Fighting Sports Thread

    Honestly, it's not that Shogun looked terrible, it's that Jones owned him the whole fight. Jones was in control the whole fight, and was constantly ahead of Shogun on everything.
  9. Realm of the mad god

    This game is sweet.
  10. new metalheads thread

    My interests in metal have really changed over this last year or so. Currently I'm really only listening to: Animals as Leaders Between the Buried and Me Opeth Scale the Summit The Dillinger Escape Plan Tool Lots of good instrumentation in all of these bands, which is what I'm really into...
  11. What classic game do I start with today?

    Ah, DKC was one game I did have as a little kid. It was awesome.
  12. What classic game do I start with today?

    Well, I started off with ALttP, and I'm probably going to go with Super Metroid next. Any suggestions with what other games to play? I've played through Chrono Trigger recently, so that's checked off my list.
  13. What classic game do I start with today?

    Current list: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Illusion of Gaia Secret of Mana Super Metroid Final Fantasy III All of these are the original SNES games, not handheld ports or remakes. Where do I start?
  14. The MMA/Boxing/Fighting Sports Thread

    You can check out and see if anything is still left up there. Just dropping in to say Frankie Edgar is a badass. That is all.
  15. What do you do when your brain just won't let you study anymore?

    This is a nice system that has worked for me doing any sort of work like studying, working on a project or practicing. Set a timer for 25 minutes (if you don't have one that counts down just click a stopwatch and let it go). After 25 minutes of work, take a 5 minute break, and repeat. Every...