Happy 4/20


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It's 8:43 AM, and I just finished my first bowl for the day. Gonna get some breakfast, shower, and head out. Anyone else celebrating?
My professor was kind enough to assign a major paper due tomorrow, so I have to limit my celebration. I guess it's my fault for taking a class outside of the science building.

For those without asshole professors, happy 4/20!


(Virtual Circus Kareoky Act)
My parents just left the city this morning.
I swear to god they planned this.
Just happen to leave the city for 48 hours on fourtwenty?
Coincidence? Highly unlikely.
Happy Birthday Hitler, and also is my girlfriend's b-day, but who cares about her? ;)
Have a good cannabis day everyone
while a query from a serious user like wickdaggler caused me to stop and reexamine my life generally, and of course more specifically the pertinent potential problem queried, it turns out I am highly literate after all; phew!!!

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