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  • It breaks my heart to leave smogon. I have been around pre-smogon and many attached communities since 17 years ago. Thanks for the many years, and farewell.
    I'm curious, when's the last time a new song entered your Top 50?
    at least 5 were in the last couple of years
    revisiting the old thread 'is some music better than others' thread and ur making me lol
    I got infracted for that too, but oddly not a post deletion.

    [16:17:28] * holdembot has quit IRC (User has been banned from synIRC (Session limit exceeded))
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    [16:26:38] <Gmax> they said
    [16:26:39] <Gmax> the ban is temp
    [16:26:45] <Gmax> should be able to come back soon
    omg well you can have mine if you find you cannot go on living without a beady haunter!!!

    although if i trade it to you it'll evolve.............................. . ..
    pokemon evolution, spitting in the eyes of desire

    no I probably gave mine away, since I wanted like 50 bead sprites, but then I decided it was too dorky even for me
    There was no need for that dude. Just because we both disagree on the NBA boards does not mean you can just bash me. I'm not bashing you now.
    i actually love Toxicity, but yeah you are probably tight.

    though i wouldn't ever call them "nu metal"

    they're like...alternative metal or something.
    no it cant be that. i am most attracted to Asian girls anyways, but that i a very interesting way to look at it. i'll definitely keep that in mind in case i'm ever called a sexual deviant again (although i hope i am never called that again)
    This is nit-picky but I'm a fucking nit-picky douchebag so I'm going to say it anyway:

    You mentioned 'the Seahawks would only get to the Super Bowl if they play the Packers in the Conference Championship because otherwise they'd play the Falcons and 49ers who are two dome teams playing at their comfortable home conditions'.

    The 49ers play in Candlestick, which is not a dome, and is natural grass and is famous for having bad muddy conditions. That advantage would go to the home team used to playing in those conditions regardless, BUT WHATEVER, I'M SORRY, I HAD TO SAY IT.
    just the general pretentious douchebag attitude of people in the community, mainly (just like most anime discussion communities!)

    still a good site for keeping track of shit, though
    Happy birthday!

    A little late but whateve... Or however you spell that. The ghetto version of whatever. Sounds like whatehhhfffs
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