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  • You (and everyone else) certainly can choose to do what they want at any time, but in the end they end up doing whatever it is they do because the chemical reactions in their brain compele them to do so. Determinism isn't about people not being able to think about decisions, but that their thoughts are all driven by chemical reactions, which were caused by other things in the world, which had their own causes, etc. Basically, in order for determinism to be incorrect, there needs to be a way that people generate thoughts/decisions that is not based on a reaction in the brain. I'm not the best at explaining either so i'm sure i'm doing a shitty job of it but hopefully you get my point =/
    you're not even a mod, you lifeload of frogshit!

    look, i got lot of mod experiences and you no what, you're too freaking serious like an obnoxious kid who got big eyeglasses and shit in his panties!

    No, because in order for determinism to be false there has to be some unseen force that allows people to make decisions based on something other than the nerve impulses/chemical reactions in their brain. It isn't really about things being "predetermined", it's more of the idea that there is no other possible reality than the one that has occured.
    No, according to determinism (the most logically sound argument) there is no free will. After the Big Bang, everything that has occured in the world is a physical/chemical reaction caused by previous conditions (reactions) and thus the world as it is is the only world there could ever be and nobody could have done anything different. This is called "causal determinism" ( and the main argument against it is that people have a "free will" to choose what actions they take. There are some people that believe determinism is compatible with free will but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me (how can you have free will if there was no action you could have taken other than the one that you did take?) I just wasn't sure how you could reconcile determinism and luck, or why you believed in free will.
    I was reading the argument about luck in sports and felt compelled to ask you, what is your argument against determinism? It seems to me that a fiercely antireligious person like yourself would have a difficult time accepting a mystical "free will" force, so there must be some other argument that you have, right? Feel free not to answer or whatever, I was just curious.
    cmon man, you have to admit that tea was good. it's 70 proof and mixed in equal parts with water so it's at least a lot of alcohol.


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    I am pretty sure that would have been more likely to have been deleted in cong than in a forum. If not, its probably only because it's you..

    By the end there, posting anything at all in congregation was pretty fucking difficult..
    you're right!!

    you've been wrong so sorely and truly!!

    i'm actually impressed that it took three vms for you to start with the usual insults

    anyway moderators lock threads for all sorts of different reasons. i left the thread open to see the responses it got, and after a page or so i was satisfied and chose to close it. simple as that

    you know it's funny, i was legitimately thinking the other day about how i thought it was good you and i hadn't butted heads in a while

    now you're just being melodramatic

    the smog awards are all about fun

    there are ways you can have fun with them without making a post like that in the relevant thread

    i also sure as hell didn't tell you to fuck off!!
    i love jokes!!

    but i don't want people to get the wrong idea, reading that thread
    joel if you ever cheat on me I am just going to distribute all your passwords and throw all your plushes in the street
    We have a smogon server for minecraft, and in order to sign up to get on it we've had people fill in a form with their smogon username and minecraft username someone put their smogon username as yours and their minecraft username as "imawanker", which we didn't believe and found it that account does not exist. I just wanted to be sure that it truly wasn't you.
    Can I confirm that you added yourself to the minecraft whitelist? We are in a bit of disbelief of your username.
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