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  • you're free to not care, but there's no need to let everyone else that you don't care. the hypocrisy in caring enough to go out of your way to say that you don't care is astounding.
    I take like 3 minutes oughta my life to send you a message and you just ignore me? Classy mate, classy. I don't even care anymore.
    Not many people posted interest for it. I'm not interested in being commissioner for another league, but I would join an auction league.
    Thanks for the offer man. I live in MD, but if you'd like to split a hotel room then I could probably afford to fly to Indy anyways. I'll let you know in a few days if I can do this.
    I'm confused as to what this is about but I agree with everything you said.
    Actually never mind.. i just realized after re-reading the conversation that he doesn't even know you. My bad. Misread that. I was about to edit my post before you saw it. Damn.
    Hey man, i was reading your conversations... And i didn't know you had it this rough :pirate:. Hopefully this piece of man-candy will brighten your day:

    And I have nothing to prove to someone as outrageously arrogant as you. People like you often live sheltered lives with no friends or love life. I really feel sorry for you. You don't even have friends on the Internet for god sakes lol everyone despises you. Your arrogance isn't even justified; all you've demonstrated is an ability to use "big words" and then display overwhelming ignorance regarding various sports. Yep, that's brilliance. I'm obviously dealing with Stephen Hawking lol #outofmyleague
    Yeah, anyone that's not an egotistical maniac uses regular vocabulary. I can use big boy words from my upper level college English classes here too. Or I can just type and not give a fuck because I'm not a freak. Again, show me some IQ scores. Anyone can learn a lot of words.
    I really don't think you're that "brilliant" and your constant blathering with of "big words" is more of a faux visage on the Internet to try and boost your ego. My IQ's high as fuck. Show me some results of yours and then we'll continue our discussion on who's more intelligent.
    lol throwing out insults is usually a symptom of being angry or salty.
    haha no problem man, I was annoyed that people left you behind. I had my car, it was no problem picking you up, and now it's just another amusing part of the overall story
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