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  • yeah, Chinese translations is kind of slow right now. Not much has been done.

    and lol at me failing to type Canada correctly

    sirndpt在翻译一个小说叫“精灵使的剑舞” 然后我只是检查她的翻译。真的是一个烦恼的工作. 我已经提醒了sirn,可是翻译完一个一章她还想干。:P

    。算是比较短如果你喜欢的话可以考虑. 会有上千人读这故事的翻译. 我翻译的一小部分已经有两万多了!!!或则,你也可以跟我检查我不知道的字之类的事,有点像个编辑者. 你不干什么也没事,我知道这种事是很需要时间的。:P

    Edit: Couldn't help but notice this "家那大人?". Im not making fun of you if you see this Electrolyte, when I read that sentence aloud I said it as "the man with that big family" lol
    I'm on Showdown as either Shark Skin, 1000 Sunny II, Aburame, or Pocket, so chall me when you sign on.
    We'll battle today at 3-5 PM EST for OU Minitour, yes? I'll be on Showdown as Pocket, so chall me (don't bother sending a PM, since I wouldn't know)!
    the misses on dtail worked in your favour if anything, i needed you to hit those to even have a chance at winning the game

    i was deliberately staying in so i would get dtailed out, hoping for jirachi. the misses effectively sealed the game for you, and the crits were salt in the wound. I could have potentially beaten kyurem-b if i got dtailed out to jirachi, iron headed and then any other mon you dtailed me out into could have crippled with a burn, sleep or toxic if you stayed in the next turn

    it was a long shot but the misses definitely worked more in your favour than mine because they burnt off taunt turns for you, that i needed to even have a shot at winning
    awesome, seem like we're on the same page.

    If you want to play 3-5 PM, then it would have to be Tuesday
    Iluvkyogre, thanks for the VM. Do you men GMT -5 (EST)? For reference, it's currently 3:24 PM for me.

    Can we hold off our game until Mon / Tues? I have OST games to finish by then.
    sorry man, i know i said i could play this week but ive been crazy busy. can you play tomorrow?
    Je plaisante. Aussi, je ne suis pas américaine (ouais, je suis une gonzesse; je utilisé "caine" volontairement :P).
    哈哈,"课本"是指动漫小说然后"教育视频" 是指日本动漫加中文翻译。上次写的帖子带着讽刺可是那是很难通过网路了解所以不好意思。我最恨的就是读那些无聊的中文课本和其他的标定教育媒介。其实我对日本动漫带中文字幕很有感兴趣。我是更接近两年的中文学习。所以你说只有一年是有点儿夸张。 但在那一年半我到中国留学了三月。是在那时候最有进步,也遭遇到那些带中文翻译的动漫。从那时候就开始对学中文有意志。

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