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  • perfect thanks ill be online to pick them up (: thanks a bunch that's 2 credits for you now and ill have drifloon soon enough don't worry.
    if your talking about wiibrew then yes im still learning about it myself actually (:
    that sounds fine just EV train them both according to the spread i put want to start now?
    i updated my thread in ev training section on what i need to be ev trained check it out if you still want to do it.
    no i don't also im putting a halt on the ev training job as i am doing a giveaway.
    want to ev train some of my pokemon? (: more info in my thread regarding pokemon that need ev training.
    tomorrow for sure since i was busy this whole week and no cloners were on also at least finally i can complete pendings tomorrow as well.
    I can give you Shiftry now if you want. I updated with EV spreads i have available on the first page of my thread if you would like to check them out. I forgot to post them earlier.
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