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  • no problem xD
    you know, that manectric might help you too, it isn't that common, since i guess you will want a copy.

    and btw, since you take not so much time for projecs, why don't you use your free ime o make projects for you? since you didn't update the shop in alot of time, that would help you with your lack of costumers.
    owww....damn, what about when you get the electrike egg please

    its just too much work to take my DS away from my brother..
    So which two? 1 credit is two redis, or one of my pokemon. Negator's latias or Stefywefy's drapion?
    That's a redis, so you would be left with half a credit after that, are there any more redis you want? I don't have many listed though as I can't remember the others.
    I do my Emerald RNGing on my VBA and Geren pal parks for me, I do have two emerald cartridges but one isn't compatible for some reason and the other is damaged and does not work.
    I can trade now.
    But I haven't pal parked Latias as I do not have an Emerald cartridge to pal park with.
    I go to sleep and wake up with another bunch of pms... fine cancel the trade, I don't really care anymore because you send me a bunch of pms when I'm gone and when I come back, you don't respond.
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