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  • Hmm, Programming. Was interested in IT (Information Technology) at one point, but my sister strongly made me consider pursuing Engineering instead, due to better salary and more demand for it. My current college isn't major or anything, just a local one to get me prepared for the real deal, since I plan to head to the U.S to start the course. Our teachers for the most part, don't care about homework either - well mostly just our Math teacher. (In fact she doesn't even grade homework)

    But classes are also easy and less intense considering I only have 3 subjects. I largely prefer this over the rubbish that was "high school". Less stressful, easier to manage and short.
    Oh, it's great to hear you're doing schoolwork - can't afford to miss out on anything these days. (I've learned the hard way last year). I had a similar habit of generally doing nothing but gaming on a daily basis. But with newer priorities in life; I've minimized all other activities holding back. My schedule is better than ever and I have far better focus in college now. :]
    I'll give it a try once I'm back in order physically and mentally. Everything seems to be out of control lately - and I have to put a stop to it. Probably playtesting teams on the actual Pokemon games with friends every now and then would get me back in the mood.

    Feeling a bit rusty now, though...
    It's no problem. The new improvements in it's movepool this generation are more than welcome on Arcanine.

    Also, I've been thinking of playing PO, but I limit my playtime on games by quite an amount lately. (College incoming, newer priorities in life, etc.)
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