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  • For medicine you only get 4 application slots on your UCAS form, and I used them all above the border unfortunately :( - Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow. And my birthday was in late August so I'm 17 already :) learning to drive is good fun!
    Life's good mate, though 6th year is a lot more work than the year of relaxation we were promised >:(. I've sent off my uni application, it's all done and dusted, now I just have to wait to see which of my 4 choices offer me an interview for a spot. Pretty daunting stuff but day to day life keeps you occupied you know? Anyway a lot of my friends are turning 18 around this time, so lots and lots of good parties happening lately :). I'll come down and visit you once I learn to drive :P I just had my 3rd lesson today and I'm going strong!
    Good to hear from you as always :).
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