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  • yeah i understand :( life sure takes up time when you get older I have college stuff on Monday too but tuesday sounds just fine for me too

    the deadline is friday im sure we can bust out a battle by then
    hello Inevitable Sorry I couldnt make it today my day became very busy can we settle for tomorrow or maybe monday?
    You probably should aswell. People might just look at what you've written to your opponents.
    I was thinking of using Heracross aswell, but as you just said, it would probably be "OU" (as in, used by almost everyone :P) in the tourney, so i decided not to :P Btw ehm, you know, people can just go to my wall and read that you have both a *bleeep* and a *bloop* now xD
    Yeah sorry, didn't really think about that :P Thinking about it, everyone would pretty much have been able to beat me, seeing as I have an RMT up with like 5 out 6 of the pokes I use in it =S
    Oh, and how I EV train?

    Route 212, surf on the water. Only woopers(1) and quagsires(2).

    Fish at Valor Lakefront. Only gyarados(2) and Seaking(2).

    Maniac Cave. Geodude (1), Hippopotas (1) and i think also graveler(2).

    Sp. Atk:
    Old Chateau (Eterna Forest). Only Ghastly(1), Haunter(2), and Gengar(3) there.

    Sp. Def:
    Route 223. Tentacruel(2) and Mantyke(1), can't remember if there are any tentacool(1) aswell.

    Route 225. Spearow(1), Fearow(2), Ratata(1), and Raticate(2). I believe there are a few other pokes in the grass, but the mentioned ones are by far the most common.

    I EV train by letting my poke hold a power item and switch out with a stronger poke (hence the higher lvl places).

    Hope this helps :)
    Ahh, you use trainers :P I've always used wild pokes. Seemed easier that way
    Huh, the places I EV train you can't really meet anything but the pokes you need :P
    That's the one, I'll go off and register your fc again. My wifi has been acting strange lately -_____-
    EDIT: lol :P ok
    Gl with getting your team done :) Feeling with ya on the EV training, definetly not one of my favourite activities (beats breeding though >.<) :P
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