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  • Hello, i am looking for 3DS friends to expand my Safari. I added you and hope you can add me back. :) Thanks :D

    FC - 3969-4838-2026
    Hello everyone. I am IrishShinobi and I love Nintendo games, particularly Pokemon, Metroid, Zelda, and Mario. In Pokemon, I've learned the very basics to RNG in Gen 5, but would like to help contribute to the research thread once I learn more. I am quite good in RNGing eggs in Gen 5 and I hope to learn more. I go to college studying under Animation & Visual Effects so I can design video games and I work at a retail store. Feel free to contact me anytime or add me in skype, msn, Wii U, or here if you want to chat. Just be sure to say who you are and that you are from Smogon Forums.
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