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  • In the match between Maserato and I we need calcs you are almost to DQ time and there are still several errors which you need to fix from the first round.
    Hey, I know IAR already posted to go re-ref the match, I just wanted to say that don't feel bad about it, something like that can be kinda embarrassing, so just don't worry about it. I'm sure dan isn't that worried about it, nor am I. So just whenever you get on!
    Hi there. In this match, you appear to have calculated the EC for all the combinations incorrectly. This is a pretty bad error, & can have a pretty big influence on the match. I suggest you go & re-ref the match, I have also had to revoke the approval of your UC claim for the error...

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
    That no one can actually ref your battle until he specifies a target for Disable. We are not allowed to ref illegal actions.
    Issac, your battle with CharlieManBro has stalled out because CharlieManBro issued illegal orders. He has to specify a target for Disable in order to use it.
    Hey, can you update the prizes in the last post so that Gastly gets its Exp. Share and Gothita gets the Amulet Coin bonus?
    yeah looking back yellow was a bad choice, it looks awful :P I was thinking orange my be a good substitute, do you mind that?
    Hi, and again, welcome to ASB! If you want to start reffing matches, it's best if you create a referee's profile here. It'll help you keep track of your reffings, as well as give others an idea of your experience and capabilities, so that you can referee more than just Tower matches in the future.
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