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  • If you happen to have a Medicham can you send it over so I can trade for a Haunter and then we can do our actual trade to speed up the process?
    Im still trying to find a Haunter :( Trying to find a Medicham to trade for a Haunter. Sorry for the delay Ill be there as soon as I can.
    Ah cool. So will trade Kadabra for Haunter and trade back? Give me 5-10 minutes?
    Im actually going to need help with a Gengar, going to go catch one now. How long will you be on for?
    Yes sir I have an AR.. I'll be gladly help you but not until a couple of hours.. I'm busy atm..
    Aw that would be excellent. Would now work for you? Here is my code.

    2407 6836 1159
    no problem. i can trade it with you if you have the item needed to evolve. i dont have an action replay though so i dont have any item either
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