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  1. Resource Ultra SM OU Bazaar

    A balanced/bulky team focused around a bulky core of Dhelmise and Mega Gyarados. They compliment each others weaknesses really well, and with Skarmory form a pretty solid core that's not easy to bust. Nihilego serves as a generally bulky offense special attacker and a good lead thanks to SR and...
  2. New and 'creative' moveset/EV spread thread - BW UU Edition

    I've been using it with Naive but Timid would probably work. Not like U-turn hurts anything. Just needs to be a +Speed nature.
  3. New and 'creative' moveset/EV spread thread - BW UU Edition

    hard to call any Mew set "creative" but here I go... Mew @ Lum Berry Trait: Synchronize EVs: 252 HP / 40 SpA / 216 Spe Nature: Naive -Stealth Rock -Taunt -U-turn -Overheat This is a lead Mew that I've been using on my team. As a lot of Mew's value comes with the element of surprise, I take...
  4. UU Suspect Test Round 1 Voter Identification and Suspect Nominations

    alas, thanks to exams I couldn't eke out the last 100 points to make it. congrats to all who did though. may as well post up some noms though. Kyurem- What pushes Kyurem over the edge isn't even his offensive stats but his bulk. Ice is a terrible defensive typing, true, but his ability to...
  5. UU Balance by ShinyAzelf (Peaked #27 on Smogon University)

    Sup SA, I played against you a while ago with this team. Close match but you won; a very good game. It's a good team. This is kind of an odd suggestion, but you mentioned that you find not having a Rapid Spinner to be awkward; maybe consider Eviolite Pineco over Deoxys-D? I realize it'll be...
  6. np: UU Suspect Test Round 1 - Sunny Days

    Adamant CB Dugtrio doesn't 2HKO Chansey. While Chansey is still setup bait for the likes of Cobalion and other prominent Taunters, after having built a number of teams I feel that Chansey almost always requires overcompensation: as I see it, you need at least a booster/taunter and something to...
  7. Cobalion Discussion

    Sorry about that, had a bit of a brainfart. Snunch has it correct.
  8. Cobalion Discussion

    Ghost provides a neutral hit against Spiritomb, while Dark is resisted. I believe every other Pokemon that you wouldn't want to hit with HP Fighting is hit the same by Ghost as Dark.
  9. Best Users of EVIOLITE

    pory2 is ou. not eligible. Golbat reaches surprisingly high defenses with Eviolite; as I recall, both def and sdef in the high 300's. Poison/Flying may not have too many resists, but they're good ones; immunity to Ground and 4x fighting resist. Golbat also has a fast Roost and access to a...
  10. Zapdos

    Standard Scarf Kyurem (252 SpA/252 Spe Timid) does 39.9~47.1% to Cobalion with 4 HP/0 SpD. Unboosted, Cobalion's Close Combat does 85.9% minimum to 4 HP/0 Def Kyurem, a guaranteed OHKO after SR and a very high chance of OHKO after 1 layer of Spikes.
  11. Gen V Initial UU

    Do you guys really not run into Suicune much? Weird, I swear I see it on at least half the teams I play...maybe just a coincidence.
  12. Zapdos

    Worth noting that Zapdos and Cobalion cover each other's weaknesses very well and have excellent coverage between them, especially if Zapdos runs HP Ice.
  13. rate my uu dw team :D

    Just a heads up, if you plan on running this team in a UU environment as governed by Smogon (outlined here) then Virizion, Terrakion, and Jellicent are illegal as they are considered OU. As replacements, Celebi works similar to Virizion and is able to run either Calm Mind or Nasty Plot. Cobalion...
  14. Hail discussion thread

    If they're running a Cobalion or Hitmontop...yeah pretty much.
  15. Gen V Initial UU

    I can't possibly see Suicune not making the top 10. Victini, Kyurem, and Arcanine are other shoe-ins. Might see Donphan and Hitmontop up there as well?