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  • Sorry, there isn't anything I really need at the moment =X Try me again when you update and I have my thread back up and running. ^_^
    pokemon roms lng, anung sive ng save file mo sa platinum at HGSS kung meron ka nun?
    Sry about b4 I never got back to you on that was sick rly didn't feel like doing anything but enough about that if you need them right now probably like 1 hour for both if you need them for later just tell me by when
    Okay then, I'll see you online. From your Platinum to your other game, right?
    I think that hardresetting is much more accurate than softresetting: you can check the seconds directly from your DS, you just need to add 15 or 16 seconds that represent the delay from the time you started the game to the time you press "continue". And you don't depend on any external device.
    That "no reasonable seed found..." is almost impossible, maybe you are hitting the wrong minute. And yeah, don't surrender.
    Oh, that's something. Have 5 Pokémon in your party, the two parents, a Pokémon with Fly and two fillers. Go in the grass, route 225, save and reset the game. Catch the first Pokémon that appears (lv.48-52) and check your seed using its stats, then use it to search for shiny egg with the desired nature. If the seed you are in generates a Pokémon with the right nature, gender and shininess do your Pokétech advances, if not reset and try again.
    I don't know what are you doing. Catching or breeding? Which cartridge are you using? Where are you trying to catch? Did you hit your time? What about the frame?
    That's for DPPt games: each Journal Flip only advances the frame by 2, and in places with NPC that advance the frame it's not safe to aim for different frames. Someone succeedes in this and can overcome this problem though. If you are abusing in HGSS games, this problem is inconsistent because both radio and Elm calls advance the RNG by 1.
    Sweet Scent is necessary only if you are trying to Catch abuse, that's the most difficult part of RNG abusing. Catching a wild Pokémon only serves during the calibration phase, you should catch'em near the fight area in DPPt and in Mt.Silver in HGSS, these last may be unaccurate because of their lower levels.
    Ok Like you know how pokesav is used to create pokemon in .pkm files? You can export them from your game and save them as Pkm files using R4 or Hypergts (which i use)
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