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  • Sure, I'll be on Pokecommunity server tonight @ 9:00 Central US time. I don't have a structured team yet, I'm just trying stuff out for now. My Pokemon Showdown name is D13. I'll be meeting with a few others, too.
    Jets, my niggaaaaa. How ya doin'?
    Guesss who's back!

    ... April fools.

    But yeah vm me sometime and I'll try and remember to coem on and reply
    Let me know if you come on today at any time - I am kinda busy today but maybe we can squeeze in a battle.
    I just wanted to let you know that in the event that in the event you do not respond to me by tomorrow, I will be requesting an activity win
    Are we going to battle tonight or tomorrow? I am not sure how much time I will have tomorrow though
    Yeah, no problem. Tell me what time is good for you. Saturday afternoon looks better for me.
    We have to play for the Dragon Spam Team Style Tournaments, Round 3.
    What's your timezone and availability?!
    I'm GMT -5 and can battle from 3pm to 10pm until Friday. Then, I can battle Saturday, evening. And all day Sunday.
    Hi, I'm your opponent in the farm league. My timezone is GMT - 5:00. What is your timezone and when do you want to play?
    Hi, I'll be available wednesday from 12PM to 3:00 PM, which is 6:00 to 9:00 for your timezone. I hope you'll be able to play at this time
    Ohhh, you see I thought since we were week 2 we had to play our game this week. But if we just have to play one game a week, I'm totally fine. It's just THIS weekend that I'm not free, but I'm free on following weekends. Cool. We will play some time.
    Hi, I've subbed in for Sayonara in the Homefield Advantage tournament. You're at home vs me, tell me what tiers you wanna play. My timezone is GMT+1 and I'll be online Saturday from 9:00 PM to Sunday 2:00 AM for sure, sunday almost the whole day.
    Only on the weekends...well shit. I'm really packed this times are I guess 6 to 8 AM my time (again GMT -8) or like 11 PM to 1 AM my time on the weekend, though it's a bit of a stretch. Are you around at all these times? Or around during any tiny interval during the week? Let me know. It would suck to have to coinflip :(.
    Hey Jets,

    We are matched this week for Homefield Advantage (I am in as a sub over Jirachi). Good times for me are Monday (today) to Thursday from 2 to 6 PM. All times are given in GMT -8. When among these times do you want to play? If none of these times work for you, what times do?

    When we do battle, I am rijsttafel on PS!. You are on my "turf" and thus I elect to play BW UU.
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