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  • I 'll wait till later.
    In any case, can you be my personal EV trainer?
    I mean.. I think you're very fast on it.

    BTW, can you still be able to EV train more pokemons after you finish the first 2?
    Just don't remove the egg moves Fire and Ice Fang. ^^ And you can use PKRUS, Vitamins and power items.
    And you know how much one credit is worth in my thread already I assume? :P it's all over my thread. lol Anyhow, yes I am ready to trade now if you are.
    It doesn't work like that in my thread. =P For one EV-trained Pokémon you get one credit. Did you read through my rules?
    Hey there. ^^ How quickly can you EV-train a Shinx with 252 Atk / 252 Spe and 4 HP?
    No moves or level needed!
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