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  1. USUM UU Viability Ranking Thread V2

    Strongly disagree with this nomination. I don't have a heap of experience playing UU, but its extremely slow and is very easy to chip. It doesnt even reliably beat the mons that you mentioned either. It certainly doesnt switch into either of latias' stab attacks, nor a banded play rough from...
  2. Official Smogon Tournament XIV - Round 2

    I'd just like to thank my opponent Vc Altaria for being a complete asshole while trying to schedule for this match, and not giving me enough time to prepare for the tour and forcing me to play and calling activity if I'm not ready to. Really made this tour so much fun for me, and definitely will...
  3. Official Smogon Tournament XIV - Round 2

    Dude, fuck off, I'm online right now. And I never Johned you, you were just incompetent at scheduling a match in the first place. But I'm online right now, and ill wait for a while
  4. Official Smogon Tournament XIV - Round 2

    No, I'd like to deny my opponent the right to call activity on this request, because this time was never actually agreed to nor confirmed by my opponent. I'm not calling activity myself, I'm just asking that this request gets denied and that we get a chance to actually schedule a match properly
  5. Official Smogon Tournament XIV - Round 1

    I didn't really want to do this, but unfortunately I'm gonna have to call activity on Riddler Dark. I've given him plenty of time to respond to my messages, (first one being sent nearly two weeks ago) (proof of contact and that my opponent hasn't been online for over two weeks) Originally I was...
  6. Official Smogon Tournament XIV - Round 1

    Lmao the first round has been up for not even two days out of a three week deadline and someone is already calling activity smh
  7. Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament III - Cycle 1 Signups

    Forum name: Jmac Cycle 1 Alts: LT1A Jmac, LT1B Jmac, LT1C, Jmac Do my alts for Cycle 1 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules? Yes
  8. BLT III: Week 7

    To be fair, power rankings don't mean shit. first blt, my team predicted to get rekt by everyone make semis. Although to be fair feliburn found some OP as fuck subs when there was no proper sub system. 2nd blt, Linda's won and they were ranked pretty low too, somewhere between 5th and 8th (no...
  9. BLT III: Week 7

    For the record, I have literally no memory of making that first post, so was generally very confused as to why I had 6 random smogon alerts when I woke up 10 minutes ago. Just wanna chuck a quick apology out to anyone mentioned in that post I made. I read it and cringed myself lol. But, feel...
  10. BLT III: Week 7

    Despite the fact that I lost to lesser players aka Le fat kid, ominousdraco and lesabreur, I'm congratulating every team that made it to semis, no matter how lucky they got: from parivard being carried, to repetitive lucky wins from ominousdraco and blazenix, congrats to every bad player who haxed
  11. BLT III: Week 7

    there's only so much you can fucking do when you get haxed three weeks in a row. gg I guess but this is beyond a joke
  12. please tell me next time if its daylight savings time. you cant expect... please tell me next time if its daylight savings time. you cant expect me to know that, that means you are 14 hours ahead of me not 15. I haven't done anything wrong