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  • can you help me hatch my egg. i will give you 2 good pokemon with good IV in return, my FC=4484-9007-2615 IGN=STiFLER.
    hey there, i think i have some stuff you might be interested in:
    A Shiny Timid Flawless Latios, caught in a moon ball
    These next 2 are from the Japanese Train Station Events:
    Shiny Timid Sceptile in a Cherish Ball Flawless
    Shiny Timid Swift Swim Ludicolo in a cherish ball flawless

    I am most interested in these :
    your bold suicune (2nd)
    your shiny landorus (3rd)
    and your speed boost blaziken (most interested)

    Yes, I can do all 3 of those for your 3 Pokemon! VM me back when you are free! :)
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