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  • hi this might be a random question but can you send me a link that has a thread where people can battle each other
    or the battle page itself?
    Could you remind me what that pending trade was exactly ? I should keep note of them...
    Sorry, posted this on my own wall. lol.
    Okay look.
    You click 'Seed to Time'
    You enter your seed, the year, and the seconds, and click the check box.
    Click Generate at the top.
    A list of times should appear. Go through the list until you find your Target Time.
    Highlight it.
    Click Generate (near the middle).
    This makes a new list of times come up in the bottom box.
    They are all the seeds that are near the one you want to hit.
    So, next time you reset, click 'Search Flips' and input the results of your ten coin flips.
    When you click okay, it will highlight whatever delay and time you actually hit.
    That's how you know how close you are.
    No, just reset like you normally would (set it to a minute before, etc..) and then go to the 'seed to time' thing and find the time you're going for. when you click generate, it will show all of the adjacent seeds, so seach the flips for what you get.
    Are you still trying?
    Find out what delay and seconds you actually ARE hitting.
    Also, you aren't in the Sandstorm area, are you?
    Yeah it should be 15:42:xx
    and x should be the seconds you normally get.
    so you set the time to 15:41 and after 1 minute you reset.
    Depends on where you are, but for route 225 on platinum it would be frames 2 and 3 at night.
    You just have to check the frames individually (by right clicking and selecting calculate encounter slot) until you find one that matches your pokemon.
    Ok so the encounter slot for that frame is 4. So you would get a houndour.
    You have to find a frame with the encounter slot you want (Which would be 3, 5, 7, 9, or 11). Frame 878 works. So you would have to do (878-2)/2 = 438 journal flips, then sweet scent.
    Okay you just posted on your own wall. xD
    Make sure you post on my wall so I get the notification. Don't worry I do that all the time. XD
    What seed are you working with and what frame # are you going for?
    Yea VM is fine.
    I have no idea what you mean by that...... :(
    Yea the Encounter Slot for Rhyhorn ( Route 214 )
    Can we move this to VM?

    The encounter slot has nothing to do with how many journal flips you do.
    It only tells you what pokemon will appear. For example, if your sweet scenting in the grass and your encounter slot is 3, you go to your location on those charts and find the pokemon that matches with slot three.
    Yea i can do that, just give me a few mins to get my stuff cloned and add your FC and then ill clone your stuff and be back in :D
    Sorry i was busy RNGing XD Ummm remind me again what im trading you lol?
    And whats your FC?
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