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  • Think you might want to pick up your Teddiursa any time this week :p? I still need the evs on the Golem aswell.
    Yeah, but too bad I don't think I'm getting off the BL here.

    If you know other joints that has lots of volume and least hacks, I would love to know.
    1) Get some hard tape
    2) Go to Fuego Ironworks
    3) Give Togepi a Soothe Bell
    4) Plug into Wall Power
    5) Tape the direction button and B button down so you can run forever.
    6) Togetic in the morning.
    I'll go on right now if you can trade now.

    i could have took down Milotic a lot faster if the Fire Blast hit, but then later with the Golem - I was like "Oh wow". Were you laying down your rocks again or KO the Blaziken?
    shit, I haxed my way to win that one. That's twice today.
    gg, I'm sure it would have a lot more different if that CH for Ice Shard didn't land.

    Your Arcanine did give me a run for my money though, even though I was ahead.
    Sigh I keep missing you. Can you give me some times for the rest of the evening?
    hey thanks for your back up in my thread but can you delete all your postin the second page ? :X i need more space =D
    Can't trade tonight. Hey can you give me a Timezone and some times when you'll be on tomorrow.
    Sorry, I don't. need to ev train some emerald pokes so my emerald can have somebody good in battle frontier but I'm too lazy.
    Thanks for the trade aswell, Been after a good XD Dragonite and Zapdos for awhile now. And you can use those credits anytime.
    Yes im free now, Please use my Platinum FC and I will be on shortly, Also I would like the Pokemon UT Please :)
    Thats cool with me, I will give you 3 credits instead of 2, When is a good time to trade? for me right now is good im not busy.
    Well the 2 (I removed one) I want are Linkino's Celebi and Stavros's Cresselia. Can I get credits for the others?
    I dont think I can do Bp's yet..I will give RNG another go soon, im just trying to finish off my EV training requests.
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