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  • Pretty much, I'll be talking about most about recent events in the Pokemon Community, or just recent events in general, on this account, now; just like this guy: http://nicocw.tumblr.com/

    P.S, if I spam your inboxs with Messages, I'm sorry, and I shall package a box of Gogoat-Gurt in your Mailbox on the next Monday.

    Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that you don't need to apply for the CAP Policy Review Committee to participate in CAP! Anyone is allowed to come in and vote and discuss whenever a thread goes up. However, the PRC consists of users who are well-practiced and have participated in CAP in the past; their job is to set the rules for the CAP project. If you work with us for a while, perhaps you can join in the future! Welcome to Smogon.
    Ok, so I really got a CAP 6 Idea of my own going on, and it's really not working well that much, since...well, no one really knows me yet, only on Smogon, though; I think everyone has seen me on Pokemon Showdown, so they should be familiar with me, nor do I have an application sent out for CAP 6 yet (In fact, I didn't even need to post a application for PRC to help :D), but here it goes:

    Olgoion: Electric/Poison.

    Stats: 95/105/80/115/105/110. Job: Arena Trapper, or a Psuedo Bulky Wobbuffett of a sort, with a variation of Ferrothorn's ability, Iron Barbs, except it effect's both Special, and Physical moves; wouldn't want it to make it Op, so it would be reduced to 1/6 or 1/10 of Hp; yes, I choose the idea of a Custom Ability, but who cares.

    Moveset: Thunderbolt/Sludge Wave/Recover/Toxic-Heal Bell

    Pokedex: The Venoshock Pokemon.

    Length: 7 Feet (2.1 m)

    Weight: 190.1 IB

    Black Pokedex: It lives in many arid deserts in the west, and can flank any foe. It's toxins can be engineered into different kinds of medicines.

    White Pokedex: an Olgoion can hunt, and flank, from an distance, by either spraying corrosive acid, or discharging electricity. Touching any part of it's body, physically, or mentally, will cause instant, tremendous pain.

    Black 2 Pokedex: It hibernates for most of the year, except in the Summer. It appears in any weather, mostly when it's raining; then, it's starts flanking several villages with it's acid, and electricity.

    White 2 Pokedex: While it's severely poisonous, added with an powerful electrical jolt, too the point where any contact with it can cause tremendous trauma, it's Neurotoxin can be reverse engineered to any kind of medicine. It relies on the element of surprise to hunt for prey.

    If anyone can see this, please tell me your opinions; much applied, if you either praise, or critique it :)
    Just got my profile started, so I can come up here; I'm starting to get a lot used too Pokemon Showdown already, a few months back, so I'm quite new here.
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