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    CAP 27 Prevo - Part 2 - Art Poll 3

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    CAP 27 Prevo - Part 2 - Art Poll 2

    Cresselia92 Golurkyourself
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    CAP 27 Prevo - Part 2 - Art Poll 1

    Cresselia92 BlorengeRhymes
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    Pokémon Scizor

    It is arguably the second best user of it and flying bonemarang is a good move but doesn't have a place on most sets. It is still a tool in its toolkit, but I doubt it will be overly useful in OU. Way better on its preevo in the lower tiers.
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    CAP 27 - Part 13 - Flavor Ability 1 Poll 2

    Friend Guard Magician Cute Charm
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    CAP 27 - Part 13 - Flavor Ability 1 Poll 1 [RERUN]

    White Smoke Aftermath Magician Friend Guard Insomnia Cute Charm Dancer Own Tempo Super Luck Vital Spirit Illuminate
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    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for June 2020

    I guess the old adage is true; don't Fuckle with Shuckle
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    CAP 27 - Part 8 - Defog Poll

    Allow Defog
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    CAP 27 - Part 8 Moveset Discussion

    I was being vague on purpose because we have to be careful on what coverage to give it. I've heard discussion on BP 60 or lower moves (Bulldoze, Thunder Fang, etc) as well as moves with poor coverage such as Psychic Fangs (Helps in a few matchups but nothing too crazy). The primary attacks...
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    CAP 27 - Prevo Poll

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    CAP 27 - Part 8 Moveset Discussion

    Moveset Submission Name: Scarf User Move 1: Flare Blitz Move 2: Dragon Claw Move 3: Knock Off/ Bulldoze / Explosion Move 4: Switcharoo/ Healing Wish Ability: Regenerator Item: Choice Scarf EVs: 4HP / 252 Atk / 252 Speed Nature: Jolly Trick/Switcharoo lets it act like all forms of Rotom...
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    CAP27 - Art Poll 1

    Reiga Morghulis Yilx A_Magical_Liopleurodon Cresselia92 noobiess Darek851 Magistrum Roland le preaux DougJustDoug judgesludge Pipotchi Quanyails Wahrer Kaiju Bunny Gravity Monkey Falchion Sunfished StephXPM AliceColt Slapperfish Amamama Krazyguy75 Shadowshocker Mova flying moose DrifblooomCF...
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    CAP 27 - Part 8 Moveset Discussion

    1) Based on what has been given to CAP27 so far, what niche do you think CAP should fulfill? One of the best offensive supports in every tier is Rotom. Having access to trick it lets it out speed most threats while also tricking it to support its team by shutting down defensive or item dependent...
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    Official Best CAP Poll - 2020

    Necturna Crucibelle Cyclohm Plasmanta Caribolt Malaconda Arghonaut Revenankh Mollux Volkraken Voodoom Smokomodo Syclant Fidgit Stratagem Colossoil Tomohawk Kitsunoh Pajantom Krilowatt Kerfluffle Jumbao Aurumoth Naviathan Pyroak Snaelstrom Cawmodore Equilibra