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    Metagame Ubers Metagame and Set Discussion v2 - Home Edition

    Slurpuff @ Mental Herb Ability: Unburden EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Def Impish Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Toxic - Sticky Web - Wish / Light Screen - Protect I think speed variant with Focus Sash and max speed instead may also work if you go for complete suicide lead to take advantage of Unburden. But...
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    NU Viability Rankings

    I really don't think your point about Fighting, Grass and Water type is relevant when you have Arena Trap which allow YOU to pick up targets you want to eliminate. Unless you are forced to sacrifice Trapinch (to fodder it) or simply play bad Trapinch should never face any of those in the first...
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    SM UU Creative and Underrated Sets

    Similar lure set may be pulled off with Flyinium-Z and Peck move (yes, Mamo learns Peck) if someone isn't willing to spread EVs. Also it straight up KOes Buzzwole (calculation for Max HP and Adamant Max Atk Nature Mamo, anything less bulky then this gets it mauled). Any less bulky EVs spread KO...
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    Resource SM OU Viability Ranking Thread

    Or may simply run Trick on Specs / Scarf set and cripple Chansey / Blissey to the point where they are practically useless if you really despise pink blobs. It's kind of ridiculous how one of the best picks to handle hit from it can't really switch in at all, because both Taunt and Trick screw...
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    Metagame SM RU - RU Alpha Discussion - Month 2

    Burn nerf not only helps Heracross, but also stuff like Ursaring (have yet to test it) and mostly something that no one expects anymore and I really like it with proper support. That thing is Guts Swellow. Everyone expects Specs to the point that I don't even need to run Protect anymore as Specs...
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    Darkrai [QC 1/3]

    Maybe Specs in OO ? Hardly truly viable, but with massive Dark Void nerf and mediocre bulk I think Darkrai has hard time to set-up in Ubers. With Specs it may at least hit harder from the get go.
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    Pokémon Pyukumuku

    Doesn't Mold Breaker from Mega Gyarados ignore Innards Out ? But I agree with everything else, it's amazing support mon, although it also hates Taunt like a plague, which may be a problem. But otherwise - it's fun and effective mon in the right comps and hands. EDIT: Fair enough, I asked just...
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    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    Or SubHypnosis, kind of like MegaGengar in Ubers. It's not really hard to force a switch with Gengar and some stuff can't really touch him, especially behind Sub (like Toxapex or Chansey) so getting it up isn't really hard. Or force switch because of his good STAB attacks. And Hypnosis suddenly...
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    Pokémon Alola Sandslash

    Magnet Pull Alolan Golem may be an alternative to Magnezone, problem is that you stack fighting and groun weaknesses, although you gain fire resist, so it may work as alternative. Pursuit Houndoon (Mega or Not) is interesting option. Probopass may also pull it off I guess... but again, nasty...
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    Pokémon Porygon-Z

    Ahh yeah I remember those Double-Edge gimmicks in earlier generations. They were fun to play, although really bulky resists towards Normal type attacks still walled it or at least properly checked it. I wonder what kind of EVs would be best to run this kind of gimmick with Conversion... :D I...
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    Pokémon Porygon-Z

    Is this really viable ? I saw one good use of it in a game where someone actually managed to use it well, but 1 game is hardly evidence to call it viable. So instead of squishy Life Orb one you go with more bulk, but really strong neutral Adaptability STAB in Tri Attack ? Or I shouldn't even...
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    Pokémon Alola Sandslash

    Vanilluxe Sleeper OU mon, ban to Ubers incoming :D. People aren't just creative enough to bring out that OPness :D. Stupid jokes aside A-Ninetales and A-Sandslash indeed don't have that many combined weaknesses, so Hail is actually doable, I saw few good games for Hail teams, so I wouldn't 100%...
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    Pokémon Drampa

    Only 100% version. Rest is up.
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    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread

    Main problem with Crobat is that it hates strong electric attacks which in this meta are really, really common which sucks. Also dislike Ice Beam coming from Pheromosa, which otherwise he would wall. If you don't want to risk speed ties and prefer more bulk, Golbat is perfectly fine alternative...
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    Pokémon Porygon-Z

    Personally I think Memento Latios is top-tier pick here. Once you click Memento, set-up against opponent with -2 offenses is easy pie. Personally one of better partners IMO. It may be both double-screen + memento (personally overkill) or simple offensive set with Memento to soften up opponents...