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  • And this is the "Nevermind" post, because I just got it. I just looked for the next Timid after the one before and shot for it. And I got it. So yay.
    So you said VM you if I have any questions, so...

    What was that RNG Reporter stuff about? I'm kinda confused about what I was supposed to get out of that. Will that tell me if my chatot calls go up by more than one or something?

    On that note, I've been trying more for Thundurus, and it seems like the RNG is sticking on certain frames. Advancing 78 times gets me Impish + Alert to Sounds (Frame 533). 77 timed -74 times gets the same result. And then 73 drops down to Relaxed + Often Dozes off (Frame 520). I have no idea what's going on.
    Oh yeah! Sorry, I must have missed your last VM :/

    Now, bear with me here, because it probably won't make any sense as to why this works. But it just does. I don't even know why it works, Zari's the one who taught me. Anyways, in the Entralink Seed Search, the C-Gear seed is formatted as XYXXXXXX. For some reason, changing the Y value fixes the seconds problem. I go more in depth in this post here and explain the process step by step, so see if you can get it from there.
    Hi :)

    Yeah, you use the time in the Entralink Seed Search window (you should be able to find that time in the Seed To Time window if you have that open). However, your eon timer calibration might make it impossible to hit your standard seed, so if that's your case let me know and I'll explain how to fix that :o

    Also, you use the Chatot Chatters right when you enter the game.

    Edit: Sorry, I made a typo. I meant to type "your eon timer calibration might make it impossible to hit your standard seed," instead of, "your eon timer might make it impossible to hit your seed."
    I have an idea for your super luck togekiss, you should try to get air slash on it and thunder wave since that will proc the super luck and the item you want on togekiss is king's rock to further boost the ability to flinch/parlyz the foe the other 2 mvoes I have on my togekiss is roost and nasty plot
    Ja, de characteristics van eggs kloppen ook niet. Als je een seed vind voor Drillbur/Excadrill en die heeft een encounter slot (Los van possible Cave Spot) dan zou je op de 20ste stap de spot moeten zien, en dan van daar werken. Ik weet niet of dat in de RNG Reporter die jij gebruikt hebt ook al zo was.
    De gems e.d die in RNG reporter staan als je een seed zoekt voor Drillbur kloppen niet dus een guide heeft niet zoveel zin, het is puur trial en error.
    Seed zoeken met een encounter slot (Cave spot hoeft niet perse possible te zijn). Seed hitten, en dan lopen tot de spot appeared, iirc was dat na 20 stappen. Een Pokemon sweet scenten 1 stap voor de cave spot om te zien of het de juiste spot is (Als je je verkeerde timer0 hit komt de spot op een andere plek).

    Zal nu even kijken wat ik krijg als ik geen advancements doe, moment
    Ja ik dacht moet ik hier nou op reageren of niet .. :P Maar ik sta bij die Desert Resort Entrance. Sandstorm is weg, staan alleen 2 NPC's naast elkaar, een stukje links van mij. Ze bewegen niet. Snap dr geen klap van >_>

    Oké op zijn laatste bericht ga ik gewoon niet reageren lol
    Oops. I should remove that line. I had it before I added the H column and I guess it's meaning has been misinterpreted. :s
    If your TID is 30229 then you're fine. If your ID is 25539 your spread won't be shiny. You have to have the TID/SID listed in the H column on the same line that has TRUE.
    For 3rd gen the first timer can be whatever you want. It's the time you give yourself to SR. I set that to 0 myself so I can SR and start EonTimer at the same time.
    It's your choice. Just do other tests to see if that ID/SID combo makes your PID shiny because Excel does stupid things sometimes.
    It's extremely easy with Ruby and Sapphire with dead batteries. Easier with deads then alives.
    Hey. If you wanted I could RNG you a R/S .sav, but it'd be on an emulator, and since you don't have a DS flashcart there'd be no way of getting it to your retail. If you're interested, let me know
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