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  • talking about microsoft? lol.

    i own a ps2, enjoyed it for years. still own games for it. but i enjoy online games (microsofts strength) more than single player games (sony's strength). hell i own a ps3, but i only use it for bluray movies, might pick up TLOU if I get hyped enough for it.
    Speakin of le ol walmart, theres a place in da valley where i live where theres 2 walmarts right next to each other!!! Like id say 3 blocks. And then theres like 2 in the actual city of la. Soo dumb.

    But its spitting them in the face damn it! How long have u been playin it?

    How exactly does fallout 3 make ur head hurt? U play too long? Is the setting too depressing? First time i played it i could only play it for about 45 mins at a time cuz the setting WAS too much for me. Thise were some dark days for me so it didnt help i guess. But eh now i could play for days straight... If i you know, i had the chance to.
    Taught so. U think gamestop would boycott it? I might punish microsof myself by not buying it launch week hehe

    No thoughts on the pokemon games???
    would you say the xbone has a stronger game lineup? I know nin has the best exclusives but watu think?
    A FAIRY TYPE?? AWESOME! Im soo excited for an OU Gardevoir. If its immune to dragon it could wall Latias and latios easily.
    Thanks babe.

    So whats up with nintendoh? I mostly got caught up in the pokemon trailer and don't know anything else.
    No sharing games?? Damn it microsoft.. Im trying!!! Always on internet...? Thats not TOO bad.. A lil.. But.. This hurts mah heart man.
    Yeah... START savin now! Seriously.. Um release date? 20 dollars per week should doit. 80 a month. Imma start savin now. Just so i dont have to waste 500 when i comes out. 250 saved and 250 then seems easy enough. But yeah 500 is ALOT damn it. Makes me want to wait till they lower the price..

    Does bethesda have its own conference?

    And thanks for this list. Makes it a whoke lot easier to go through all the info.
    i'll get it just because of minecraft and titanfall :o

    if ps4 had minecraft it would've been a no brainer.
    it is my absolute favorite game

    I am prepared for either disappointment if it was all a farce or fiery rage if it's a kinect nintendo land
    if i did spy on you it was probably by accident.Well i don't want to get into a arguement ,so i am not going to drag this on.
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