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  • Umm cant right now, and if you wanna vs an expert go vs Ningildo, i seem to have a losing streak lately, i hope my new team i built is good. Also reason why i cant, 2 words for you school laptop, nuth said
    Well, what with TRC still being hostile, I need to know I can trust you. Do you swear to keep all R&D activities confined to the facility and never inform anyone of our progress there?
    If you ever want anything else then please do not hesitate to ask! :) Have fun with your new poke!
    Remember if it fails to connect leave and come back. It's a wierd glitch one the game.
    Ya, I can't trade it in gts because it's a hacked pokemon and hacked pokemon can't be traded over gts. We have to do it on wifi club.
    Whatever we'll just do the gtts trade i guess. What poke do you want to trade? Like a bidoof or something?
    What? I didn't give a challenge to EEVEE yet. I just said a pokemon, didn't I? I only put in the one for Beastmode.
    Why do you suddenly hate me when all I did was cover a possible leak? With the current conflict, i haven't known you long enough to trust you not to leak anything to TRC. Your experiments were never the problem(though posting them in every thread really wasn't in your favor).
    So, I passed all the mons to Platinum yesterday, hatched everyone besides of Sableye, bacause I forgot to recharge the DS =/

    ctually, my updates will occur most on weekends, because I'm working right know, and then I go to college. I'm always online on smogon because I don't close Firefox's windows =D

    Actually, I'm felling luck, because Trusty, SuperStuff and Cacophony(it borned with Speed boost =D) borned ALL with the nature and ability I want. I'm afraid that NO WEAK will born with Stall and a creepy nature =[. Chumchar I didn't look the nature, to don't feel I can change it when I want... Clover I will catch as soon as I continue playing. And I already have ALL the TMs I want(that flamethrower ate my entire, ridiculous joke...

    Have a nice day too!!!!!!
    I'm sure you have seen by now how things have rapidly degenerated. Who you stand with in times like these is more telling than anything you say to me.
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