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  • yes i can give you the item but as i said i need the ditto on my pearl edition so tell me when you want to trade or wait i will deposit an espeon with the name Garra so that you can get for the ditto my espeon will held the item you want the espeon will be 50
    You don't understand. Asking for a level 70 Mareep was my way to keep it relatively "trade-free" (and I don't think it works) in the GTS since I can't help you because of my internet troubles. I don't have a way to connect my DS to the internet. I think you're better off getting one from Pokécheck, as much as it pains me to say this.
    I deposited the Dratini myself because I've been having internet troubles. I don't know if I'll have internet access by the time I get home to try again.

    You should look if the Dratini hasn't been taken and then raise the Mareep to level 70 if it's stillt there.
    I deposited a Dratini. I asked for a level 70+ Mareep. I hope you can receive it.
    Alternatively, you could deposit a level 67 Mareep in the GTS (asking for a dratini), and then I search for it and send over the Dratini. Sounds like it could work since it doesn't seem like we can coincide with each other. The reason why I'm telling you to use a Mareep is because no one will ever ask specifically for a level 67 Mareep, or at least it's not likely to happen.
    ok, I had a conversation with the guy who's gonna give me the ditto. He asks for a water stone. Can you give me one? Or maybe a good TM I can't buy, like earthquacke, or something like that.
    I got a response. There's a guy who will give me a modest flawless ditto for a thunder, water or fire stone. Now I have to be online at the same time he is, but at least we know he's willing to trade it.
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