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  • sorry my friend said he can't battle he's busy with training new pokemon
    oh ok well I have to go now. Maybe my friend will want to battle you he's PoisonStar here on Smogon
    Yeah good games but like I said you shouldn't put two or more pokemon to sleep because it's breaking the sleep clause here on smogon. I'll let it slide but if you try that on someone else you'll probably end up Blacklisted.
    uh its a rule here that you're not supposed to put more than one pokemon to sleep in a battle =/ Good game though
    make sure to turn voice chat off and set rules to singles level 100. Just press X to turn off voice chat, its a personal thing.
    well if you want the Jirachi you got to have Mystery Gift on your game. You'll see it on the menu after the title screen, they receive a gift from Nintendo WFC. The only rule I use on Wifi is the one where they automatically set your pokemon to level 100
    so i was dixoas with snorlxa my for and wifi event idea said fight ice beam for the fourteen percent health point so said i FUCK THE QWAHT
    Uh diaxos? You mean Deoxys? and there is a Jirachi event going on Wifi now. And yeah looking forward to the battle
    looks good except you shouldn't add any Spattack evs since you don't run any special attacks, and defense evs wont matter since most physical attacks will kill you anyways. I'd say pump evs into attack and speed only.
    I wouldn't know the answer to that; you should probably ask in the "Ask a simple question, get a simple answer thread in Stark Mountain.
    Just go to register new Friend Code, type your friends name, then their Friend Code.
    Well we both have to get each others Friend Code and record it on our Pal Pad's. Then we go to the basement of any Pokemon Center and take to the Blue lady and she'll send us to the Wifi room and we'll see each other there.
    Yeah sounds cool although at what time because I will be leaving around 5:00pm ?
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