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  • Hello,
    could you pls add me to your Friendlist, I want a Ditto Safari.
    My Code is 0146-9993-8628.
    I have a Ground Safari with Wooper, Nincada and Diggersby.
    Got your FC off the google doc, hope you add me for Safari? PM me back. My safari has Aipom, Kecleon, Eevee.
    Like most people here, I'd like to trade FCs. Mine is 0963-0029-3640. I don't remember everything, but I know mine is fighting type and has Riolus
    Hey, I got your friend code from your google doc and was hoping you could let me into your safari. I'd really appreciate it.
    FC : 5043-2716-8843
    I'm new when it come to breeding perfect pokemon, but I know that a friend safari ditto is a good place to start. If you could add me I'd really appreciate it.
    My FC is 5026-4940-7580
    My IGN is Zak
    hey, could we swap fc, would love to have dittos, my fc is 0018-1253-4140
    i have snorunt, beartic, ane cloyster
    Could you please add me? I know it's not much, but my safari is Psychic w/ Grumpig, Espurr and Gothorita. FC is 2020-0631-4167, IGN is Claytonius. Thanks for your time.
    Hey, could you add me please? My FC is 0061-0925-2140. I have steel type - Ferroseed, Forretress and Klefki. Thanks!
    I'm looking for ditto. Could you add me? FC: 1993-8067-1850 - Ghost - shuppet spiritomb pumpkaboo
    was wondering if you could add my friend code for friend safari. mine is 1332-7919-5109. i have [fighting] Machoke, Panchem and Tyrogue :)
    Hi, if you're interested in Electric: (Dedenne, Electabuzz, Luxio) please add me 1719-4350-0416
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