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  • Uhh, you can delete safeguard on moltres and replace it with roost, if it learns it. For Jirachi, you can delete any move except draco meteor and Wish. That's all:) How much longer will it take? And would you take a copy of Jolteon and 1 Credit instead?
    If I might ask, where did you get your profile picture? I think that I've seen it before somewhere, but I can't remember where and it's going to drive me crazy until I know. xD (Sad, isn't it?)
    Are you distributing Alexa's Zapdos right now? And if not, do you have a general idea of when you will be? Thanks.

    FC: 1935 3060 7937
    Well, see the thing is that the person I got the pokes from(Angels_Arcanum I think) said that both were non-Redi...If I let you have a clone then I'd feel pretty bad. But yknow, it's alright, you can have moltres. and Jolteon. But, would you be willing to clone 2 copies of Jolteon back to me?
    Yeah, the giveaway ended yesterday but I still haven't heard anything from him :/
    Hopefully I can get the Pokes soon so I can distribute...I'll send him a message and see what's up.
    Hmmm...actually, the guy who I got them from said that both were non-redi tho. So, yknow what, you can have two credits lol. I'll be on in an hour:)
    Hahaha, trust me, moltres is flawless. It's HP Ice70 though, so if you're a fan of Grass then I think I'll have to give you a credit. How long will you take?
    Sure, but unfortunately I don't have an extra copy of jolteon...If you can't clone I don't think I'd be able to trade it...what are credits? Anyways, do you just want to go on wifi now and discuss what you want later? Use Plat.
    Haha I honestly don't mind where berries come from. Is it possible if you do both? :O and, my trade thread is up on the wifi boards, just look through there and you might find something to your liking:) But I just started out, so I have like...crap lol.
    Can you EV Wipe, or legit check as well? If not that's cool, I would like this poke EV'd:

    Jirachi-252 HP, 80 Sp.Atk, 176 Speed

    but it has some random EVs lying around on it...that's why I need an EV Wiper. If you can't do that, there's other pokes I need trained.
    Quick, edit your 2nd post....copy the post and edit into your 1st so you don't get in trouble for double-posting which is bad because you might get in trouble.
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