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  • Hey, we're matched up for the BW2 tournament. What's your time zone/when are you available? I'm GMT +2.
    If you use irc that'd also be convenient so we could arrange it there.
    how about sometime this weekend? if you can find me on irc that should be easy enough... figure out a more specific time as it draws nearer?
    hey we need to play for the bw ubers! :( i'll be active on groudons grotto this week, u can find me in this server
    Sadly no. My internet is terrible at the moment, so I can neither get on PO or PS. I'll let you know if I can at some point. Otherwise you can have the activity win.
    If possible I would prefer if we played before saturday. After that I'll find it a lot more difficult to get internet access. I'm GMT+1 and should be available at almost all times. What times suit you?
    Hey there we're paired for the yin-yang tournament, it's an ubers match. I'm gmt -7, and can play anytime best for youu, just let me know what you can do. (:
    hi, when can u play for the bw ubers tournament ? tell me when u are free to play
    actually nvm i forget i need to make a team for this tourney... i'll need a day or two and then we can play
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