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  • im really not sure if I can make that (study group for a finals I have tomorrow), but I'll see what I can do
    doesn't look like I can make it Sunday morning (I have a class at 8:30). At least we were able to get a pretty longish session in this weekend. Lets see if we can do something during the week.
    I will be on irc, just message me when you get on. Just know that I have a test the next morning so I cant stay up super late so the earlier the better (like 10:30 latest). Otherwise we will just meet up sometime during the weekend
    cool i made it back right for when we planned to meet, im on irc message me when you see this
    I need to go for a bit, but I should be back in an 1-1 1/2 hours. This probably wont affect our meeting, and if it does I may be like 5 minutes late. Just so you know incase you come on and im not on irc
    I have class from 7 - 12 my time on Sunday.... Looks like we can only meet up next week then... I'll tell u if i bunk anyday...
    i have ACT classes both tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday morning.

    they start at 8 and go to around 12ish. Can you meet at any other times
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