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  • Hah, well cool to see that you're back, albeit still busy (that's a good thing). If you have down time, and lots of it, you should check out all the advancements with B/W rng abuse.
    Man I didn't know your last visit was so long ago. Hope school's going well, and hopefully you can find some time to play Pokémon again.
    Haha don't worry about it man. I'm getting closer and closer to learning how to RNG in SS. I almost did it too, except for some minor errors. How's it like over there in Kingsville?
    Hey I know it took me long enough, I quit my first attempt at it, but I just finished my first RNG breed! :D! Shiny + IV's the way I wanted them! :D!:D!:D!

    Thanks so much for all the help you provided me!
    you don't play pokemon that much anymore?? man i jus got back into it, i was so burnt out for a while. that would be great man! it would be really really appreciated XD oh also i bought that AR recently if you ever need it.
    I'm surprised to see you online; did you get that thing for your laptop finally?
    Haha there's just too many. Not too sure which game I should put them in either.
    Lol, do I know you? Haha just kidding. Yeah, that would be greatly appreciated my friend. I'm building my OU team right now. Semi-redis? That would be swell. Want to trade today or another day?
    Can we finish up our trade now lol?
    I got an AR so I can send you a clone back if needed.
    That thing is a life saver. I just got my quint-flawless Hippopotas with Slack Off, now fully ev-trained, awaiting evolution. I'm finally sort of close to an actual wifi team!
    dude please quit wasting time i have all 6 dont double check everything is there
    bad news my ar isn't working in my new ds so we will have to delay the clamperal however you can still get the power items
    my old ds wouldnt charge anymore so i exchanged it at gamestop for a new one
    give me a little though i'm running the battle factory
    1 of each of every one am i correct? I'm organizing my boxes right now. I'll be with ya in a second.
    i can give you them free and i can pick up clampearl
    Haha, when I'm not doing egg moves, there are no intermediate parents for me anymore thanks to Dittos. I'll save one of these for a baton pass team or something since it's hex flawless.
    Do you need that Smeargle cloned? I'm in Pokesav and can do it really quickly if you'd like.
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